Week Two Discussion Replies
Please reply to two students discussion post.do not simply agree. Provide a substantive reply.

Marin Ewing
Why are research proposals important?
· Research proposals are important because they allows for the writer to indicate why they research is important and how the research will improve the problem. The research proposal also includes indication and validity of the methodology of the research and how the methodology best supports the proposed hypothesis or research questions (Sudheesh, Duggappa, & Nethra, 2016). 
What do they tell IRBs?
· A research proposal tells an Institutional Board Review (IRB) the purpose of the research and determines if the research project follows the ethical principles and federal regulations for the protection of human subjects (APA, n.d.). The proposal also states how the research will be funded.
What do they tell funding organizations that award grants?
· Research proposals tell the organizations that are funding the research the many ways the research will benefit and improve a public health issue and how being associated with the research will make the organization look good and reliable (APA, n.d.). 
What do they tell the reader?
· Research proposals tell the reader the purpose and importance of the research, the validity of the research, how ethical it is, and why it is is a reliable source to be cited and utilized for other research purposes (Sudheesh, Duggappa, & Nethra, 2016).
American Psychological Association (APA). (n.d.). Frequently asked questions about institutional review boards. American Psychological Association. Retrieved December 13, 2022, from   
Sudheesh, K., Duggappa, D. R., & Nethra, S. S. (2016). How to write a research proposal?.  Indian journal of anaesthesia,  60(9), 631–634. 
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Agus Naidu
Research proposals are strong gateways to alleviate caution for funding organization sponsors. Answering research questions in projects takes time, resources, money, and its goal may not always be clear. Having a proposal tells the sponsors and parties involved why the project should be done and how it is important. If the proposal is strong enough in areas of purpose, the appropriate sponsor may take favor to fund or help the researcher to pursue the goal. 
Parties like institutional review boards (IRBs) can use research proposals for understanding intent of the work and general safety. They help protect ethical use of research participants and judge interest by all members involved (Grady, 2019). IRBs can also be used to inform what the most appropriate sponsor is for the researchers and what are the most appropriate research projects for the sponsors. Researchers strive to look for the best organization to facilitate their projects. Funding organizations want the most specialized researchers for their specific company and who best to give their awarded grants. 
Proper IRBs extends to safety reassurance for the reader as well. Research (and proposals) without IRB approval may be unethical, intentionally or not, by the researchers. Additionally, having to go through tedious processes when working with IRBs to prove that the research is indeed ethical, can be frustrating (Oakes, 2002). Despite this, having IRB’s approval tells the reader of the research that the work is not cutting corners of wellbeing. For the pursuit of answering a research question, there should not be underpinnings of attack on current wellbeing in humanity to achieve it. Humanity should strive for scientific advancement without destruction to the current world. If a certain scientific advancement can only be achieved through negative wellbeing, it could be assumed that a collective would reject that advancement and look to another more ethical solution or new question. 
Grady C. (2010). Do IRBs protect human research participants?  JAMA.  304(10), 1122–1123. doi:10.1001/jama.2010.1304
Oakes, J. M. (2002). Risks and wrongs in social science research: An evaluator’s guide to the IRB.  Evaluation Review,  26(5), 443–479. 
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