The following are suggestions for approaches to take for writing about The Metamorphosis and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You can follow one exactly, use one as a jumping off point, change one, combine two, or make up your own. Your essay needs to cover both books, and your thesis statement should refer to both.Both books have been recognized for making profound insights into the nature of the human mind/emotions. That is, both are early examples of psychological literature. Form a theory about what they are saying about how our minds work (or do not work). Applying basic Freudian theory can help a lot, but is not required.1.In a similar but different way, both books investigate the human condition. That is, both are examples of existentialist literature. So instead of only looking at the nature of our minds, they look at the nature of human life as a whole experience. What are they saying about what it means to be human? Do you think these are these optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic portrayals of human life?2.Explore what the novellas have to say about the relationship between individual and society. You may want to look closely at certain characters as representatives of individuals who try to do things in their own ways and how these relate to larger society. Rather than referring to society in general, it can help to explore the values of the specific societies each is commenting on—late industrial era Europe and Victorian London. You can do research on the values of each of these eras.3.Explore the system of social and/or economic class in the novellas. How much does class determine one’s power and freedom in the book? You should look for different representatives of specific classes in the characters and physical locations. Applying basic Marxist theory can help a lot, but is not required.4.Both books deal with transformation into the monstrous. Why? How is being a monster different/similar to being a human in both? What makes one change into a monster?5.In both novellas, one or more characters try to help someone they care about whom they see as in trouble. Form a theory about what the books seem to be saying about their motivations for trying to help. How much can we actually help someone, according to these stories?6.Who is guilty and innocent in each story? Can we say Gregor is 100% innocent and Dr. Jekyll is 100% guilty? What about the other characters in each story? What are the authors saying about justice?7.Choose a topic of your own. You must run it by me before you write on it, however. Email me to get my approval before you start writing.Considerations:Make sure you have a bold, clear thesis statement about the meaning of both novellas.If you want to apply Freud and/or Marx, you may find the different novellas reflect one of their ideas better than the other. That’s okay…you do not have to force-fit them into one of these theories.You may use outside sources about the novellas, their eras, or other contextual information—make sure these sources are written by experts (not people helping students cheat) and cite them.I’m still looking for lots of analysis. Phrases to bring out meaning are: “this suggests,” “I think what the author is saying here is…” “this means,” “a deeper reading of this is….” I am also looking for clear, grammatically correct sentences more than I did in the first essay.This essay should to be five (full) to six pages long.


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