For this assignment, you should use the article that you selected and that was approved by the professor in the Article selection discussion on Canvas. This is the rubric Download rubricfor grading the critique assignment.See Leedy & Ormrod (2010, p. 65-66) for some initial guidance in critiquing research articles.You may present this critique in either a 3-5 page, double-space paper or a PowerPoint presentation with audio (maximum 10 minutes). See the example from a previous Av.D. student in this week’s module on Canvas.For the critique that you submit, you should start by introducing the article briefly, and summarize the purpose, methods, and findings for the class. The bulk of your critique should focus on your evaluation of the research. See the sections and questions listed below, which will be used as the rubric (i.e., be certain to respond to each of the items and questions below). You should organize the critique following the sections below.As a take-home message, share what you learned about research from this article and/or how it contributed to aviation.Be sure to include a full, APA citation for your article.Research Problem and RationaleWhat was the purpose of the study? To what extent was the purpose statement clearly stated or implied? [This is one moment when you might use a direct quotation, with page number in the citation, in order to ensure that you correctly identified the purpose. However, most of your critique should be in your own words.]What arguments did the researcher provide to demonstrate the need/rationale for the study? What was the source of these arguments (e.g., did it arise from scientific theory, prior research, or personal experience)?What research questions/hypotheses were addressed? Were these specifically stated or only implied?MethodologyWhat was the population and sample? How was the sample chosen? What evidence did the researcher provide that the sample was representative and appropriate?What instruments were used? What evidence did the researcher provide for reliability and validity?What research design or method was used? What evidence did the researcher give that the design or method was appropriate for the study? Were the methods adequately described so other researchers could replicate the study if they wished?Briefly describe the independent variable or treatment and the dependent variable.What were the major threats to internal and external validity for the study as implemented? How did the researchers address these threats?Results and ConclusionsWhat methods of data analysis were used? What evidence is given that the analysis methods were appropriate?What were the major findings of the study?What conclusions were drawn? What recommendations were made? What limitations were noted?CritiqueDid the researcher make a credible case for the need for the present study? Why or why not?What is your assessment of the internal validity of the study (i.e., the ability to draw causal conclusions)? Did credible results occur? Justify your assessment with specific design features of the study, and specify whether the study was replicated.What is your assessment of the external validity of the study (i.e., the ability of the study to support generalization to other individuals or other settings)? Did a replicable result occur? Justify your assessment with specific design features of theWhat conclusions were drawn? Were the researchers’ conclusions supported by the data?Briefly summarize the major strengths and weaknesses of thisHow much credence do you give this study? Why?


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