Overall Guidelines:Fall 2022 HIS 251OL Chapter Exam GuideThroughout the Fall 2022 semester, you will complete eight Chapter Exams, each based upon a chapter in your Latin American and Its People textbook. Each Chapter Exam challenges you to analyze one of the features inserted into each textbook chapter. Those features are “How Historians Understand,” “Latin American Lives,” and “Slice of Life.” When you log into each of your Chapter Exams, you will see which feature you are to use to write your Exam Essay. Make sure that you use the correct feature in your Exam Essay; if you use the wrong feature, you may not get full credit for completing the Exam.Your Exam Essay responses must be in essay format, and in the space below I gave you a specific prompt for each of the three paragraphs in your Exam Essay. I will grade your work using the Essay Exam Rubric, and you can earn up to 60 Points on each Exam. Overall, your Exam essay must be a minimum of 600 total words and a maximum of 1000 total words. That word count equals approximately 300 words per paragraph.Responding directly to the prompts for each paragraph will help you earn the maximum number of points for the Focus criteria on the Essay Exam rubric. Being thorough and specific in your analysis will help you earn the maximum number of points for the Critical Thinking criteria, and organizing your essay into three paragraphs with strong transitions will help you earn the maximum number of points for the Organization criteria. Citing the textbook as directed and proofreading your work will help you earn the maximum number of points for the last two critera— Use of Sources and Spelling & Grammar.First ParagraphIn the first paragraph, focus on the in-chapter feature you have been assigned in the prompt. Use this paragraph to summarize and analyze the in-chapter feature you have been assigned. When you summarize, remember to use your own words; look for the key parts of the feature and describe them in your own words. When you complete your analysis, see if you can determine what important points the authors want you to take away from the feature.Second ParagraphIn the second paragraph, analyze how the in-chapter feature fits within the broader trends/developments/events covered in the LAP Reading Assignment. Make sure that you refer to specific trends/developments/events covered in the chapter.Third ParagraphIn the third paragraph, make an argument for the relevancy or irrelevancy of the in-chapter feature to the world in the year 2022. In other words, should civically literate, civically engaged people know about the material covered in the in-chapter feature? Or is the material covered in the in-chapter feature irrelevant for civically literate and civically engaged people? Explain, and be specific. At the end, cite the textbook chapter as shown at the end of this paragraph. (“Title of the Chapter” in Latin Ameerica and Its People, 3rd ed., ed Cheryl E. Martin and Mark Wasserman (New Jersey: Pearson, 2012), page numbers.)Fall 2022 Chapter Exam Guide HIS 251 1


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