Write a proposal for your final project.The final project is a visual product and analysis: a product you’ll create using 3–5 images, with an analysis of the results.You will create this project in three stages. Stage 1: Proposal is due at the end of this week, Week 6.Some Guidance Before You BeginYou’ve learned that a single image can get a message across. A group of images can tell a story. Here, you’ll plan a visual product that will tell a story. Let’s say you want to persuade someone to do something or to feel something. What coherent body of images can you create to accomplish this?Your product can take the form of an advertising campaign (selling a product), a social issue campaign (sending a message for a greater good), a website (possibly an influencer site), or anything else you can think of. The Final Project Ideas discussion is a good place to share ideas and get peer and instructor feedback.Your product doesn’t have to be for a real audience. You can plan an advertising campaign for a Fortune 500 company or a series of wrappers for a candy bar company… or, you can create album art for your very real jazz band. The point is to demonstrate that you can put together a coherent visual product for a specific audience.You’ll either find your images or create them. You’ll present your images in a Word document, a slide presentation, a video, an animation, or another format. We’ll walk you through options in Lesson 7.Finally, if your product includes text, you will not be required to write the text. You will need to describe any text you would write, but the purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your visual fluency.InstructionsSet up a Word document titled [yourname]_FinalProject_Stage1.You’ll use this document for all three stages.Create a “Stage 1: Proposal” header. Underneath this header, identify the following:Product you’d like to create that includes multiple images.Description of the product.Why: Purpose of the product.Target audience: Whom are you reaching? Identify culture, demographics, psychographics.3–5 ideas on how you might “speak” to your audience visually: What choices might you make to connect with and appeal to your audience? Think about color, symbolism, iconography, perspective, design principles, and so forth. Refer to the FTC palette for guidance as needed.3–5 ideas on how you might create a sense of visual unity or continuity: How will you try to make sure your product tells a coherent story?Note that you’ll probably end up adjusting your ideas as you create the product. Some things will work, some won’t, and some will need tweaking. The point here is for you to show that you know how to speak to your audience and create unity; your ideas will help orient you when you start putting your product together.Your document should be formatted as follows:double-spacedin Calibri 11-point font (or equivalent)


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