Assessment Description
For this assignment, you will complete the Basic Plan Introduction, which is a preface for the basic Emergency Operations Plan and includes certain items that enhance accountability and ease of use. Include the following typical introductory pieces in your introduction: 
1. Cover Page
2. Promulagation Page (250-300 words)
3. Approval and Implementation (250-300 words)
4. Record of Changes
5. Record of Distribution (350-500 words)
6. Table of Contents
Cover Page: Create a cover page including the title of the plan (Basic Emergency Operations Plan). For this assignment, it should include your name, EMM-685 course, instructor name, date, and the Yourtown facility selected in the plan.
Promulgation Document and Signatures: The promulgation portion officially announces/declares your plan and gives it authorized status. When authoring this section, detail the responsibilities of those likely tasked with preparing and maintaining your selected organizational procedures/guidelines. Also, direct this section to who would likely commit your organization to carrying out the training, exercises, and plan maintenance needed to support the plan. Keep in mind, the promulgation document (250-350 words)  needs to be written in such a way to allow your likely senior officials to affirm their support for emergency management. The senior official in this assignment will be ther instructor.
Approval and Implementation: The approval and implementation page is written (250-350 words) to introduce this plan, as it outlines its applicability, and indicates that it supersedes all previous plans. It should include a delegation of authority for specific modifications that can be made to the plan and by whom they can be made without the senior official’s signature. It should also include a date and should be signed by the senior official(s) which, for this assignment, you will indicate the instructor as the senior official/leadership.
Record of Changes: Each update or change to the plan should be tracked. The record of changes, will be created in table format, contains, at a minimum, a change number, the date of the change, the name of the person who made the change, and a summary of the change. Other relevant information could be considered. Create a table listing the minimal requirements. List the date of completion of this portion of the assignment as your single tracking source using indicator #1.
Record of Distribution: The record of distribution table will indicate the title and the name of the person receiving the plan (instructor), the Yourtown facility to which the recipient belongs, the date of delivery, and the number of copies delivered. Other relevant information should be considered. The record of distribution can be used to prove that tasked individuals and organizations have acknowledged their receipt, review, and/or acceptance of the plan.
Copies of the plan should be made available to Yourtown public and media without SOPs/SOGs, call-down lists, or other sensitive information.
After the record of distribution table, include a brief rationale (350-500 words) detailing the selected primary recipients or stakeholders and why it is ethical, equitable, and just to include them. The rationale would not typically be required in an EOP, but it shows that you are able to identify stakeholders involved in this section.
Table of Contents: The table of contents should be a logically ordered and clearly identified layout of the major sections and subsections of the plan that will make finding information within the plan. Use Basic/Traditional FEMA Format Table matching assignment list.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.
This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies: 
MS Leadership in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
4.5 Incorporate professional ethics and equitable and just consideration of all stakeholders into emergency management practice.
Basic Emergency Operations Plan
Student Name
Grand Canyon University: EMM – 685 Dr. D
October 31, 2021
Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club
Table of Contents
Basic Emergency Operations Plan3Promulgation Document and Signature3Approval and Implementation4Signatures5Record of Changes5Record of Distribution6Stakeholder Rationale6
Basic Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for Superstition Mountain Country Club’s (SM) mission is to guide how all hazard response will be conducted. Superstition Mountain must guarantee that its activities are carried out quickly and with least disturbance in order to complete this purpose, particularly during an emergency.
While one can be hopeful the club is never challenged with an emergency, it is imperative this plan still be in place and the club is prepared and fully capable if an emergency did occur. This plan provides planning and program advice for implementing Superstation Mountain’s continuity plans and programs, ensuring that the organization’s key missions and operations are carried out in all threats and situations. The plan covers a wide range of incident management operations, such as preventing and mitigating terrorism, as well as preparing for, responding to, and recovering from large natural disasters and other big crises. This plan will enable essential functions to continue when there is a catastrophic emergency that severely impacts the club’s ability to operate as usual. This EOP and its contents will apply to all personnel involved with in participating in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of Superstition Mountain emergency operations.
The EOP was prepared by Kelby Smith and approved by senior official, Bart Eltz. This EOP enabling activities contained within this document to be performed within the organization’s capability. Furthermore, this EOP has been made available to the Superstition Mountain systems and external agencies. This plan has been developed in accordance with Principles of Emergency management and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).


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