students (professionals) can select 1 of 3 Journal Articles and proceed with the review, analysis, and composition. The focus is to communicate an overview of the topic/issue/concern applicable to the healthcare industry and address the impact on a defined population/target audience. Approach the assignment in an effort to learn from research, evolve your professional perspective, and deliver valuable information for improving overall health and well-being.As emerging healthcare industry professionals, learning and transfer (application) of content is vital to expanding awareness of data driving the direction of resource allocation and decision-making strategies.Reflection Paper(s):The Reflection Paper provides students (professionals) with an opportunity to make a connectionwith the content and learning application. When asked to reflect upon a specific topic and/orexperience, you do not only describe your experience, but you evaluate it based on ideas fromcourse materials, research, and professional experiences. Note: You can assess concepts orapproaches based on your observations and practice and evaluate your own knowledge andskills within your professional field. Students must apply evidence-based resources.Reflection papers are designed to formally consider what students have been learning and toorganize it through writing. The following will help you understand the assignment:OverviewStep #1(Awareness) Review General Content Topic provided by Professor Research and Confirm Topic of Interest based on General Content TopicStep #2(Assess) Conduct evidence-based research applicable to the topic Identify the main points: purpose, impact, challenges, opportunities Explore ideas and/or concepts of interestStep #3(Develop) Identify what you know and have learned about the topic Link the observations or experiences that shape your understanding of thepurpose, impact, challenges, opportunities Consider the innovative concepts or strategies applicable to the topic Based on your learning and experiences, what measures or approacheswould you, as a healthcare industry professional, implement or adhere to forraising awareness and value regarding the topic?Step #4(Connect) Discuss how the research reinforces or supports your understanding of thetopic. Be detailed in your supportive comments.Notes: As with all written assignments or reports, it is important to have a clear focus for yourwriting. For reflective responses, identify the main arguments or important elements of thetopic to develop a stronger analysis which integrates relevant ideas from course materials andadditional research.Introduce your topic and the point you plan to make about your experience andlearning. Develop your point through body paragraph(s), and conclude your paper byexploring the meaning you derive from your reflection.The value of reflection: Critical reflection is a meaningful exercise which can require as muchtime and work as traditional essays and reports because it asks students to be purposeful andengaged participants, readers, and thinkers.Specifics Length: > 3 pages, single spaced, 12 point, Times Romano Cover page/Title page, References, and Tables are NOT included in the >3page requirement. Format: 1 inch margins Page numbers Writing should use formal language and correct spelling and punctuation APA Format (required) Cover page/Title page:o HSCC 2500: Health Issues and Resourceso Georgia Southern Universityo Student’s Nameo Reflection Paper #o Date of Submission Content References (APA format)** Ultimately writing the reflection papers encourages you to find what is meaningful to youand thus it adds value to your learning. Do not simply outline or summarize the material.


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