Classical theory and one Contemporary theory
1. Choose an article from a newspaper, magazine, or news website that was published on or after September 1, 2021. The article must be about a current event. The event can be happening anywhere in the world The article can come from an international news source as long as it is written in English.Pick something that really interests you!2. Choose one classical theory and one contemporary theory:Classical Contemporary Conflict Theory Critical Race Theory Functionalism Feminist Theory Symbolic Interactionism Post-Colonial Theory Post-Structuralist Theory Queer Theory Western Marxism3.
Write 1,000-1,500 words explaining how each of the two theories that you chose would explain the current event and making an argument for which of the two theories you think provides the best explanation for the event. You should not rely on direct quotations to explain your theories and make your arguments. Writing in your own words demonstrates your understanding of the material.
Introduction (100-150 words) This should be a concise paragraph that briefly introduces the reader to the current event you will be discussing, the theories you will use, and your argument.  It’s kind of like a teaser or a coming attraction for a movie, except that in sociological research we expect there to be spoilers! You should include a brief mention of your conclusion.
Event (150-200 words) Give a concise explanation of the current event that you have chosen to analyze, It needs to have enough detail so that a reader unfamiliar with it will be able to follow your argument. Even if it’s something that you’re pretty sure everybody already knows about, you have to pretend that we don’t. Explain it to us as though we are hearing about it for the first time.
Classical Theory (200-300 words) A brief explanation of your chosen classical theory. Again, assume that we don’t know anything about the theory (even though you know we do). An explanation of how this classical theory would explain the current event you chose and why.
Contemporary Theory (200-300 words) A brief explanation of your chosen contemporary theory. Can you guess what’s coming? Yes, assume we know nothing about it. An explanation of how this contemporary theory would explain the current event and why.
Argument (300-400 words) Tell us which of the two theories you think best helps explain the issue and why. Tell us why the other theory isn’t as good at explaining the issue.  Explain your argument very clearly, being specific about why you agree/disagree with a theory and/or what weaknesses/strengths you see it offered.
Conclusion (100-150 words) Sum up your paper with a paragraph that reiterates your main points.
Reference List (not included in word count) Provide complete citations for any works that you referred to in your assignment, in ASA style.


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